Human motion 3D tracking technology.

CIM is a motion capture system oriented to the biomechanical analysis of the main body joints, both in the lower and upper body, offering computational tools that allow to interact between the physical and the digital world.

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What do we do?

CIM is a complete wireless Motion Capture System (CIM-MCS) focused on motion analysis solutions, based on smaller inertial sensors IMU. Typically, CIM-MCS is useful for rehabilitation, biomedical research, and sports. It stands out for being a simple software design, interacting between patient and therapist in a simple way. Besides accuracy, wireless, portability, versatility, and simplicity are the main features.
Gait analysis, Motion Range, Rehab, and Training are the main fields of development. Gait analysis involves pattern recognition in a dynamic movement, considering functional degrees in order to compare when the patient achieve a correct pose. Motion Range considers the main body joints, both in the lower and upper body, showing in real time the maximum values reached in a specific movement. Rehab works hand in hand with Gamification proposal, taking the patient to game type scenarios achieving better results in therapy. Training is a bet to improve the technique in some sports, through the biomechanical analysis of the involved joints, in order to compare with a professional gesture (improve your technique, improve your performance).




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